“Our services comprise all aspects of ship chartering, brokering and our tailor-made services are available worldwide.”

Coral Shipping is operating a first class ship brokering service and has grown to become one of Asia’s most reliable brokerage company. We have a close relationship with a number of internationally renowned ship owners and are pleased to represent them throughout the world for their brokering requirements.

We provide a worldwide ship broker and chartering services for project cargo and heavy lifts for cargos such as minerals, steel coils, steel slabs, steel pipes, ODC and heavy machinery cargos, rig legs, port cranes, cables, tanks, excavators, dredging pipes, gas pipelines, lighters, crane, many more. We are totally independent company so we are able to use our extensive international network of cargo interests, co-brokers, ship owners and operators to match the right cargo with the right ship for you. We can assist you with any size of project cargo or heavy lifts through to full handy size, handymax, panamax and cape size bulk ships. Chartering vessels is what we do, which allows you to focus on your business. We are based in KANDLA, so the Asia-Pacific region is our home ground but we are experienced at fixing ships world-wide.

Through an extensive network of owners and brokers, we aim to find the right vessel, every time whilst meeting or exceeding our client's operational and commercial expectations. From sourcing the vessel to on-site supervision at port of discharge, we offer a door to door hassle free chartering experience to our clients.

Our Expertise

  Offshore Supporting Vessels
  Barges, Tug & Tail Boats
  Project cargo
  ODC cargo
  Heavy lifts
  Steel pipes

  Heavy machinery equipment
  Heavy lift trucks & Crane
  Rig legs, port cranes
  Cables & Excavators
  Tanks & Dredging pipes
  Gas pipelines & Lighters